A Storyteller's Road

I think a person can only truly become a storyteller after realizing that they are in one already, that their imagined pieces of character and narrative, from whatever depth of heart or soul they spring, are finding life as a work complimentary to the road the artist finds themselves wandering. It seems that is the best place for truth to grow, by taking root in the soil of one's own experience.

For me that road began out of the desert, first entering into life in 1990's Los Angeles but spending a childhood traversing the horizons of a New Mexican backyard. Georgia, Missouri, and Ohio would follow before teenage years were left behind, but that real piece of youth, that real spark of story, it never grew with age, never left a land of open skies where cowboys still rode and the Mescalero still guarded their four mountains. That spark found flame in book and film by the kindling of C.S. Lewis, Washington Irving, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ray Bradbury, J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter Jackson, George Miller, David Lynch, Terrence Malick, Stanley Kubrick, and stories became more than a passion, they became as necessary as breathing.

After several years in the film and television industry, the road took a more literary turn, and screenplays found themselves exchanged for The Waking Dream, the first of many more novels to come. But whatever the medium, whether of screen or print, stage or photograph, my promise to the viewer, the reader, the traveler of this road, is to show and to tell and to give of whatever truth I might be blessed to find along the way.

Hattan Royce Literature

When The Waking Dream became ready for publication in the fall of 2015, traditional publishing was the first format pursued. Not too surprising to look back on now, but the demands for a certain level of genre conformity for the sake of a safer market were never going to be a satisfying fit for a story that often veers from its genre's tried and true course. And so, somewhere between traditional and self-publishing, the Hattan Royce Literature imprint was born, allowing a greater control over the material while maintaining a presence in the literary world. As for where "Hattan Royce" comes from, well, maybe some stories will stay untold.