Better Than You Found It

Available in 1080p HD

     "Leave this world a little better than you found it." - Robert Baden-Powell.

An entry into the 2015 Academy Awards' Team Oscar Initiative, requiring sixty creative seconds of the filmmaker's best piece of advice.

L'ange Dans Le Marbre (Color)

Available in 720p HD

A young woman, Nina, leaves her native France to travel the world and discover her place in it, but a flirtatious relationship with a cocky, young artist at her seaside hotel begins to awaken a life-changing realization in her about the nature of her soul searching.

*Nominated for Best Dramatic Short Film at the 2015 WIFTA Film Festival.


The Way We Run

Available in 1080p HD

While made on a nonexistent budget through the invaluable help of a volunteering cast and crew, this story of a man's dealings with grief provided a starting point for funding what projects would come after.