Better Than You Found It

Available in 1080p HD

The 2015 Academy Awards' Team Oscar Initiative asked for 60 second videos that creatively portrayed the best piece of advice the filmmaker had ever received. I took this opportunity to visualize a prospective (and in context of the character speaking it, very grim and nihilistic) monologue from my then upcoming book series, The Tower of the Vessels, specifically from the “Renfield Directive” storyline, not to be seen until Book Four of the planned five book series. For fans of the series, you might recall Malevol's deceptive connection to the imagery of both "stars" and "light", to say nothing of his dark twisting of the oath of Windwatch: "The watcher waits in morning light For star-lights to descend! The watcher of the star-lit Eye Is he who shall transcend!" And for a further tease, this short film's two "star-lit eyed" actors originally modeled Ford and James in a template of unused cover art for The Waking Dream. What further perils might that imagery suggest? I'll let the fan theories handle that as I continue writing the third book.

L'ange Dans Le Marbre (Color)

Available in 720p HD

A young woman, Nina, leaves her native France to travel the world and discover her place in it, but a flirtatious relationship with a cocky, young artist at her seaside hotel begins to awaken a life-changing realization in her about the nature of her soul searching.

*Nominated for Best Dramatic Short Film at the 2015 WIFTA Film Festival.


The Way We Run

Available in 1080p HD

While made on a nonexistent budget through the invaluable help of a volunteering cast and crew, this story of a man's dealings with grief provided a starting point for funding what projects would come after.