The Waking Dream: Or The Tower of the Vessels

"The furthest outposts of civilized man were left behind for the true untamed heart of the Inland." When hope of a cure is unearthed after three hundred years, the weathered Captain Ford Taylor and young Corporal James Bell must journey through an American Inland long held by the living dead. From the coastal walls of New Haven to the mountain fort of Windwatch, their road leads deep into the Inland wilds, to find new allies, encounter cruel enemies, and discover the truth of the hidden world that fell three hundred years before.


The Waking Dream: The Complete Audiobook

In this powerful adaptation, Golden Globe nominated actress Irene Bedard brings the world of The Waking Dream to vibrant life. Featuring the original song "How Silver Shone the Sea", written by J.D. Tippey, composed and performed by Yolanda Mott.


The Waking Dream: A Visual Introduction

The Waking Dream: A Visual Introduction explores the first few chapters of J.D. Tippey's literary world in lush detail. Along with stunning photographs and quotes from the novel, here is presented an entirely new entrance into the lands and peoples of the world of Condition Z. Journey with Captain Ford Taylor and Corporal James Bell as they step out of their world's war-torn history with the living dead and begin a journey from the guarded coasts to the shadowed Inland. Discover the beginnings of the plague three hundred years before, explore the wilds of the Inland and the mysterious king who haunts it, and meet the few tribes of living humanity that stayed behind when all others escaped to the shores of the Sea.


A Reflection

Her parents dead, her grandfather far away, her life in pieces, Lia has no answers. She sees no clear way forward. But something, or someone, has seen her. Haunted by a strange and beautiful presence, one young woman begins to look outsider herself, discovering along the way that maybe this presence has come to offer a different perspective on her broken life. Soon, others start to become aware of this force, and many lives begin to intertwine, lives now joined by hope.


Heart of the Inland: Or The Tower of the Vessels

"Fall to the power of death! Rise in the name of Daemor!" It is the oath of Daemor, it is the cry of his servants, and as James Bell and his companions move out of the Eastern forests and into the wide Inland plains, its sound is rising on the wind. For James Bell, Jon Hartley, and Aldus the healer, the road has been beset by dangers, but never before like this. As the armies of Daemor begin their march across the lands of living men, the mission of a southern corporal becomes all the more dire.